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Saturday, December 28, 2013

NEW SONG: Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) - Feel Our Pain Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy

As Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy continue their reign with dropping singles every week this month alot of people are starting to get familiar with them. They have so many projects in the works and they are always professional when it comes down to presenting themselves. Their latest track "Feel Our Pain" is a real life track that has a great meaning behind it. It takes you on a journey searching for real hip hop and it is safe to say that "Feel Our Pain" is a single that can help bring back real rap. They both feel that there are too many "Trap Rappers" in the game and not enough lyricists. Feel Our pain is definitely a track with substance that the people will relate to and want to hear alot more of. This track was produced by DR.G out of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

NEW MIXTAPE: Rashaun (@I_am_rashaun) - The Losers EP

19 year old South Jersey artist Rashaun drops his latest project, The Losers EP. The Project is a collective of five instrumentals fully produced by Rashaun over the last few months. He sample's Lil Wayne, Moby, & Eli Saf to create a newer sound. The tape is ambient, but hits. Look out for more of Rashaun in 2014.

NEW SONG: @BlvckxGxld - Sequel (Prod. Uetm)

"Sequel"... A complex urban symphony produced by Uetm, vocalized by aspiring artist Blvck Gxld. Along with many of Blvck Gxld's other tracks, this follows his wild but intellectual image. Blvck Gxld is a urban hip hop artist from South Jersey, with a old school flow. Enjoy.

NEW VIDEO: TY (@TYisThatNigga) - The Cycle

@TYisTHATnigga official video for "The Cycle" directed by Nez Flowers (@ArtisticGeniuss)

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Thursday, December 05, 2013

NEW SONG: Eli Saf (@TWOCUPELI) - Even If (Ft. Slim Dollars) [Prod. by Eli Saf]‏

After dropping his latest self produced project "I AM L.A.M.E", Bronx artist Eli Saf comes back with his latest self produced single featuring the buzzing Harlem rapper Slim Dollars. The single won't be on any project but the song is just the prelude to whats in store for 2014.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

NEW MIXTAPE: Kid Lee (@ImReal_LeeTall) - Life's A Hoe Ass Bitch.... #LazyRebels

Big shouts out to #LazyRebels

NEW SONG: TSteezy - Work Hard Ft. Ajaxx

Hard Work & Dedication #ALWAYS #BroszinkEverything ! "Work Hard" New Single By TSteezy Ft. Ajaxx. - SHARE, DOWNLOAD, & FEEDBACK!

NEW MIXTAPE: DAI DAI (@D_Hast) - #Unfazed

NEWS: Tay Teez (@7Tay0Teez2) Announces New Mixtape

Tay Teez Announces New Mixtape via Twitter. Should drop just in time for Christmas.

NEW SONG: Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) & @BuntyBeats - Take Over

Chox-Mak has been shocking everyone with his versatile flow he switches up from 90's hip hop flow to trap and even makes club bangers. He usually drops tracks with DJ YRS Jerzy but decided to switch it up and drop a single with Scotland's own Bunty Beats. Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats bring you "Takeover" which is a feel good track with a great meaning to it. Chox-Mak will be dropping more projects with Bunty Beats in the future so just stay tuned for what the future has in store for them.

NEW SONG: Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) - Smoke Break Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAMDJYRSJERZY)

Chox-Mak And DJ YRS Jerzy are on quite a winning streak this year with everything that they have going on. They have been getting plenty of interview requests in the last couple of weeks they also have a mixtape in the works called "Cross Colours And Starter Jackets". Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy deliver another classic to the people that follow their movement "90's Flow". Smoke Break has a chill laid back sound brought to you by Canada's own North Villah. It is sure to be a classic for everyone that enjoy's a good smoke break.

NEW VIDEO: gaVen heVy (@gaVenheVy) - Crab Legs‏

gaVen heVy - Crab Legs from gaVen heVy on Vimeo.

The video was produced & edited by gaVen himself. Thanks again for all the love.

NEW SONG: Chulo (@ChuStoryNC) - The BarXzam Freestyle

North Carolina's own, DJ Dave Dolla, has started a freestyle series titled "The BarXzam" where he gathers artists from all different cities each month to orchestrate bars over unheard instrumentals. This month, he's kept it local and tapped buzzing artist Chulo to be the first guest to step up to the mic.

NEW SONG: Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) - Jax Da Ripper Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAMDJYRSJERZY)

Chox-Mak is not your everyday artist he knows how to work the media and push his music all at the same time. Chox-Mak recently said in a interview that connecting with DJ YRS Jerzy is the best thing that happen for his music career. Now with these two dropping projects almost every week now it just shows how serious they are about their careers and where they see themselves being in the next couple of months. These two bring you another classic called "Jax Da Ripper" which is a track with a old school meets new school type of vibe to it. They rarely disappoint the people that follow their movement so "Jax Da Ripper" should be another dope track from Chox-Mak. This track was also produced by Pepsi Kalisz.

NEW SONG: Mini Mac (@flyinHawaiian92) - Deception feat. Young H (@YOUNGxH )

NEW SONG: Ace Marley (@TrillHippie_Ace) - The $ophistication Preview

Ace Marley of MPI$G leaks a Preview off his upcoming mixtape "The $ophistication"

NEW VIDEO: Krondon Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays

Krondon dropped by the Toca Tuesdays studio to kick with with DJ Tony Touch. While up at the show, Tony surprised Krondon with a beat. Of course, Kron came through in the clutch. Tune in to Toca Tuesdays each and every Tuesday from 8p till Midnight EST on Shade 45. For more great freestyles, log on to Allindstrom.com today!

NEW MUSIC: Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) - Yourself Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAMDJYRSJERZY) And @JusDaze

The duo Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy show everyone that they are not playing games and they are very serious about their craft. This time they connect with Jus Daze a rising recording artist out of Queens, New York. This new track titled "Yourself" is a track that gives you a visual through the lyrics giving you real life struggles that these artists are going through. Many people will relate to this track on a personal level if you ever had any tough times in life that you ever had to go through. The Production was brought to you by DR.G out of the UK.

NEW VIDEO: G4SHI (@G4SHI) Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays

Visuals By: Q. Shepard [http://twitter.com/Q_Shepard] Last week, up and coming NY by way of Albania rapper G4SHI dropped by the show to introduce himself to the Toca Tuesdays audience. In doing so, he went off on not only one but two beats that DJ Tony Touch threw on for him. Tune in to Toca Tuesdays each and every Tuesday from 8p Till Midnight EST on Shade 45. For more great freestyles, log on to Allindstrom.com today!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

NEW MIXTAPE: Demetri Yates (@_JohnnyBlaze) - Zero Fucks Remaining

This Ain't Rap, This is "Going TF Hard".. You're Welcome.

NEW MUSIC: gaVen heVy (@gaVenheVy) - Boomhauer

NEW MUSIC: DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAMDJYRSJERZY) - Reality Bites Ft. Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) (Prod. By @NorthVillah)

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak have been tearing up the internet and streets together for a while now this time they also bring along North Villah. North Villah is a well known producer out of Toronto, Canada he has teamed up with DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak for a fresh new single called "Reality Bites". Reality Bites is just a song talking about what everyone is going through right now basically saying everyone has there ups and downs and this is just a perfect song to just vibe to and forget your problems for a while.

NEW VIDEO: Electric Bodega (@ElectricBodega) - Fat Bottom (Official Music Video) [Dir. Q. Shepard]

Twerking, Asses and a good remix really make the day that much better. Electric Bodega & J.Glaze remixed Queen’s anthem to Fat Bottomed girls. This Q. Shepard directed video is from the duo’s RumbleFish EP will be released on Wednesday.

NEW MUSIC: DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAMDJYRSJERZY) - Pimp Musik Ft. Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910)

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak are starting to take the internet by storm with everything they have been doing from music to interviews it just seems like they are everywhere. Their consistency has caught the eye of a couple people in the industry that have the potential to make or break their careers. This new single produced by "Dr.G" out of Manchester U.K. gives you an old school 80's type of feel. Which is why the track is titled "Pimp Musik" it just has a laid back type of vibe to it that can everyone can enjoy.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Y-Two (@Ytwo_Wooly) - Kill It (Big Sean Switch Up Remix cover)

Taken Off THe New Mixtape #TheseBeatsAintMine

NEW VIDEO: Tez Band$ (@_TezBands) - Traffic (Prod. Official Street Empire)

NEW SONG: DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAMDJYRSJERZY) - Def Gear Ft. Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910)

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak joining forces once again for another hit. Chox-Mak has been holding Jacksonville, NC down for some time. A relatively small city with an even smaller rap scene, Chox-Mak has brought the 1990s back to nostalgic fans. While representing the Boom Bap era, Chox-Mak is up with the times, delivering some of 2012′s hottest tracks. He and DJ YRS Jerzy have come together and are keeping this thing going in 2013. With N-Tone on the beat, Chox-Mak delivers “Def Gear.” Song Link (Dirty Version): https://soundcloud.com/djyrsjerzy/dj-yrs-jerzy-ft-chox-def-gear
Song Link (Clean Version): http://www.hulkshare.com/ng2t2ayjd3wg

NEW MIXTAPE: Faze One (@FazeOne_) - TITS [EP]

Faze One is back with another heater! This 5-Track EP, titled cleverly "T.I.T.S" (This Is That Shit), is just in time before the summer is up. This serves as the pre-heater to the upcoming release "The Hill Has Eyes" which is expected to release soon! T.I.T.S features songs that have garnered much attention at Faze One's performances, such as "The Return" and "Everyday". Enjoy yours TITS!

NEW MIXTAPE: Chulo (@ChuStoryNC) - Pre-Game: The Mixtape (Hosted By @DJDaveDollaWIBM)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

NEW MUSIC: Zeno The Ruler (@iHoodscholar) - Tipha


NEW MUSIC: Andrew Snow (@_AndrewSnow_) - Birthday Cake Ft. Ace Marley of MPI$G

New Andrew Snow!!! 1st single off the #SnowIsThickerThanWater EP. Which drops #Sep11th

PRODUCER: Travlife (@SayWhatIWant91) - Electronic Stem (Beat Set)

NEW MUSIC: DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAMDJYRSJERZY) FT. Chox-Mak (@Chox_Mak910) - Make It Last

DJ YRS Jerzy & Chox-Mak are taking over the underground music scene they came together for another classic called "Make It Last". This song is a feel good track something you can just turn up and vibe too. DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak don't plan on slowing up their grind anytime soon.
  Download Link: https://soundcloud.com/djyrsjerzy/dj-yrs-jerzy-ft-chox-mak-make
Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL23nFjjEbw

NEW MUSIC: Dai Dai.U.S (@D_hast) - Time Is Money (Ft. Ben)

NEW MIXTAPE: Quellz On The Beat (@QuellzOnTheBeat) - Quellz On The Beat Vol. 3 (Beat Tape)

The 3rd Installment to Quellz On The Beat's Beat Tape Series with beats knockin harder than ever, your guaranteed to find a banger that suits you.

NEW VIDEO: TY & Savii (@TYisThatNigga & @LiberachiSav) - All That (Official Music Video)

Directed by Nez Flowers

NEW MUSIC: Tay Teez (@7Tay0Teez2) - Body Party (Freestyle)

NEW MUSIC: Tay Teez (@7Tay0Teez2) - Girls Love Beyonce (Freestyle)

NEW MUSIC: Kellos World (@KellosWorld) - Go Harder Ft King Brown And Scarf Ace

Check out Go Harder Ft King Brown And Scarf Ace.

NEW MUSIC: Scarf-ACE (@solomonilla) - Chips


Mixtape Series Announcement

Promotional Mixtape Series Coming Soon, Submit your Music.