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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NEW MIXTAPE: @Chox_Mak910 & @BuntyBeats - Balance

Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats have been collaborating on projects and making music for a while now. These two have created a unique sound through Bunty’s production and Chox-Mak’s lyrics which is quite impressive. They have dropped ep’s in the past and even dropped singles together the last ep they dropped together was titled “Life After Def”. There was also another project dropped in 2012 tiltled “Boom Bap”‘ which featured nothing but hard beats and menacing word play. With their new collaboration mixtape “Balance” they switch it up from what everyone was used to hearing from them. Balance features a wide variety of music not just one specific type of sound. Balance will definitely be another great project that these two have planned for the masses. Look out more more Bunty Beats and Chox-Mak tracks dropping later in the future they are only getting started

NEW MUSIC: @ReQCartier - For The Love Of It (Produced By Chase N Cashe)

The Brooklyn emcee known as ReQ Cartier, decides to work another record off of his debut project, The Suite Life. Assisted by popular Surf Club producer Chase N Cashe on the boards, ReQ paints a vivid picture of his journey thus far in the industry. While The Suite Life circulates around the internet, ReQ Cartier and The Suite Life team are getting The Suite Life 2 in preparation for a 3rd quarter release. The Suite Life is now available online.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NEW MIXTAPE: #NSC (@1AgDaYungDon @YungRedNsC) - Triangle Offense

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/triangle-offense/id771281119

NEW VIDEO: R|A (@TouchMoney_RA) - Move That Dope (Official Music Video)

NEW BEAT: Head Shots (Prod By @QuellzOnTheBeat x @xXxR3DDxXx)

Another beat off the Upcoming Joint Beat Tape from Quellz and R3DD

NEW MIXTAPE: Swifa (@swifabinaz) - Go Crazy

The raw and talented Swifa drops his mixtape “Go Crazy “ March 21st. This anticipated 16 track mixtape is on the rise to kill the game and give Rap a new sound and fresh face. Coming from the District of Columbia Swifa is next to take the industry on an invigorating ride! Telling his stories through passion-filled verses and catchy hooks. “

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NEW MUSIC: Slihmm (@uglyasprecious) - Running (feat. @LoMdKing) [prod. Villa De La Vile]

NEW BEAT: Rashaun (@I_am_rashaun) - Prxphxt

19 year old producer Rashaun releases his new single towards his mixtape X-シリーズ (X-Series). The single, Prxphxt (pronounced Prophet), uses an ambient sample with a hard beat behind it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

NEW MUSIC: Scarf-ACE (@solomonilla) - 2nd Thoughts Featuring Rich


NEW MIXTAPE: Chulo (@ChuStoryNC) - Problem Child (Hosted By DJ Dave Dolla)‏

Back like he never left! After releasing his latest project "Pregame: The Mixtape," to very good reception; North Carolina's own rising star, Chulo, has teamed up with DJ Dave Dolla yet again to release another highly awaited project. Problem Child is the name of it, which fits for Chulo's crazy delivery and slick wordplay. Pay attention, as Chulo is poised to take over the scene and make noise very soon.

NEW MIXTAPE: @BoiDru‏ - Love.Fight.War.EP

Houston, Texas March 18, 2014 - Houston based emcee Boi Dru has been anxiously awaiting this glorious Druesday to share the Love.Fight.War. EP with the world!  
Dru’s first solo project is short and sweet, soulful production by rising producer King Henry IV accompanied by lyrical witty word play on Dru’s behalf.   Love.Fight.War., is the mark of a new beginning, southern sounds with conscious content.  The EP contains features from Houston’s Delorean and Philly hip hop icon Truck North.  Boi Dru represents the new vintage era of hip hop and he does it very well.  There is a new day for the independent artist and Dru is starting 2014 with a bang, please join him on his journey as he climbs the ladder to success escalator style.

Love.Fight.War.” is a solid beginning to what the future holds for Boi Dru, the streets have been patiently waiting for this EP and the wait is over!  New Orleans and New York City promotional visits will be March 27th – 31st.  As promised, every Druesday (Tuesday) be sure to check your inbox for new music from Boi Dru for the foreseeable future!

NEW MUSIC: R|A (@TouchMoney_RA) - Move That Dope‏

The newest member to the Word Is Bond Music© Group has decided to make his presense known by jumping on one of the hottest beats out now. R|A drops a freestyle to Future's "Move That Dope." I'ts just a verse to keep the people waiting while he puts together his debut project which is going to be dropping this year.

NEW MUSIC: Mozi (@Mozi973) - Insane (Prod. Bromar)‏

16 year old New Jersey's own Mozi delivers a smash trap single titled "Insane" follow him on twitter @Mozi973

NEW BEAT: Rashaun (@I_am_rashaun) - Prxmx‏

Rashaun, a 19 year old producer out of South Jersey and now housed in Orlando, shows how versatile he can be with his newest beat PRXMX off of his up coming tape X-シリーズ (X-Series). The track has a downtempo feel with calming synth in which one can vibe to and enjoy.

NEW VIDEO: @TamaraBubble - A3C [Freestyle Video]‏

She's baaaack! Tamara Bubble kicks 2014 off with a brand new freestyle video. "A3C" was produced by Mikey Fresh and directed by Manny Mac Productions. Click the photo to watch the video in HD. Reposts are welcome.

NEWS: @gaVenheVy Featured In New PONY Commercial + 1st #INR2BC Update‏

"What's up, it's gaV. Hope this reaching you in good spirits. This year has started off great. Big shoutouts to everyone who continue to send me dope reviews on my debut project "...Dedicated to Her" and to the HevyHitters who watched the "...If You Asked" lyric video. This time I'm writing to send you a couple of things. One being my 1st #INR2BC update. It's a dope video I shot in my apartment filming part of a phone-in interview I recently did with a freelance journalist from Canada. The other being a dope new PONY sneaker commercial featuring one of my records. Stay tuned for more visuals. Until next time. Peace & love." - gaVen heVy

#INR2BC Update: "Home Phone Interview"

PONY Commercial

gaVenheVy.com | Download "...Dedicated to Her" | #INR2BC TV

NEW MUSIC: Chulo (@ChuStoryNC) - YNGH‏

North Carolina artist, Chulo is poised to drop his forthcoming mixtape, Problem Child. Since the mixtape will be hosted by DJ Dave Dolla, it was only right he gives the first single for him to premiere. Here's YNGH, Young Nigga Go Hard.

NEW MUSIC: W!ll (@WiLLest95) - Lucid [Prod. Rashaun]‏

In the second single for his upcoming mixtape Drugs in the Forrest, W!LL has teamed up with Rashaun again to create a dark and dreamy yet hard hitting track to explain his elevated mindset and struggles as of lately.

NEW VIDEO: Short Film: A Note From The Lust Goddess (Starring Crissy) | Directed By: @Q_Shepard

Visuals By: Q. Shepard
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Q_Shepard IG: http://instagram.com/JustABlackGuy

Hair & Makeup Up By: Ashley Sophia
IG: http://instagram.com/_ashleysophia