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Sunday, March 23, 2014

NEWS: @gaVenheVy Featured In New PONY Commercial + 1st #INR2BC Update‏

"What's up, it's gaV. Hope this reaching you in good spirits. This year has started off great. Big shoutouts to everyone who continue to send me dope reviews on my debut project "...Dedicated to Her" and to the HevyHitters who watched the "...If You Asked" lyric video. This time I'm writing to send you a couple of things. One being my 1st #INR2BC update. It's a dope video I shot in my apartment filming part of a phone-in interview I recently did with a freelance journalist from Canada. The other being a dope new PONY sneaker commercial featuring one of my records. Stay tuned for more visuals. Until next time. Peace & love." - gaVen heVy

#INR2BC Update: "Home Phone Interview"

PONY Commercial

gaVenheVy.com | Download "...Dedicated to Her" | #INR2BC TV

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