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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SONG: @boidru - Cadillac’n

Houston, Texas April 15, 2014 – It’s another glorious Druesday, and Boi Dru was in the mood to shower your ears with some H Town mood music. “Cadillac’n” embodies the soul and hustle of the H Town streets over melodic production. For those unfamiliar this is the slang and essence, it’s reminiscent of the South Park Houston streets of the late 90’s.

Dru selects another smooth instrumental from production duo The Stuyvesant’s.

Along with the continual push and promotion of “Love.Fight.War” Boi Dru continues to move forward with fresh new material. So, stay tuned every Druesday, be on the lookout for Dru’s upcoming project late spring! Until then Dru thanks you for your support! As promised, every Druesday be sure to check your inbox for new music from Boi Dru for the foreseeable future!

Check out “Cadillac’n” below!

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